Immense power can be found in simplicity. Many musicians fail to recognize that, but Teddy Chipouras is the exception.
— Jake Conley, The Breeze



Teddy Chipouras is one of those rare thoughtful singer songwriters that manages to lead the listener into profound situations through unapologetic imagery and prose. He is able to seamlessly incorporate unusual turns of phrase that are difficult to reproduce. His songs are simple in nature but complex and building in structure. His songs are catchy but thoughtful.

He has performed hundreds of gigs up and down the East Coast and has been privileged to be able to play at a number of music festivals including Off The Record two years in a row. Teddy was honored to progress through a series of auditions that led to a coveted “Blind Audition” for Season 14 (2018) of the Emmy Award winning TV show, The Voice.

Coming from a small town Lovettsville, Virginia, Teddy shares the “Rolling Hills” of his youth with us through imagery - “The stars that shine away from here, they shine away to better years... all I know is that I love an open field and that distant mountain range”

Teddy’s all original EP titled “Rollings Hills” was released in 2016 when he was just 18. His self titled debut full length album was released in October of 2018. Make sure to look for it on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music ect.