Rusted silver dime

His hands were young and his feet were stable

But he ran too fast with his name on the label

He thought only for himself, locked inside his self-reflected mind

He said, “All is good, for we will live forever.”

But his plans collapsed, and we won’t stay together

She said, “You've burned all your bridges and for that I wish not for your return.”

His momma said, “Be careful, here’s twenty bucks and a set of new terms.”

He wandered down the road, occupation on mind

Looked down on the ground and saw that rusted silver dime

It said, “I’m from 1922 and been through much more than you will ever know.”

It said, “Don't steal don't cheat, and with everyone you meet show gratitude and grace, but give them their space.

I learned from living in their pockets that silence and forgiveness wins the race.

Trust your closest enemies you'll find that in your mirror lies their face.”

With the dimes advice at heart, the boy went out searching for

Who knows what, but he knew it was worth it

Or he’d pay the price for all the debts, lies, mistakes and troubles he had made

He loved his friends and family but there’s no way that he could ever stay.

Well he found somewhere that's good and cold, a place to keep his thoughts inside his soul

His mind could sleep, his bitter teeth could brush themselves to clean when they were told

He’d need no company no enemies for he was out there on his own

He was happy knowing not what's there but only focused on what's right below.